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I am a university student living in South Korea, and I am interested in computer science & engineering.

introducing zero

I'm just an average college student studying to become a Linux kernel developer.

Education Period
Korea University Middle School 2016 ~ 2019
Kyunghee High School 2019 ~ 2022
Wonkwang University, Information & Communication Engineering 2022 ~ now
Activity Activity period
Freelancer Developer Oct. 2017 ~ now
Ubuntu Korea Community, forum moderator July 22, 2023 ~ now
Ubuntu Korea Community, forum moderator (Apprenticeship) May 29, 2023 ~ July 22, 2023
Kyunghee High School ProBG Developer & Director Mar. 2019 ~ Jan. 2022
Nintendo Switch Online API SDK for Rust
NetChive: Twitch Stream Archive Project
MahiroOS: LFS Based Linux distribution
  • Programming Languages

  • Python Typescript Rust Go